Bitches of the Sun is an Oregon based trio founded in winter of 2017 by Willamette Week award winning vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Davis. After the session saxophonist made his way to the Pacific Northwest from Chicago, Illinois he decided to push his musical boundary and play his hand at being a front-man. In efforts to find a refreshing new sound that embodied traditional rock elements he was introduce to bassist Nick Wright and drummer Seth Shaler. Together this powerhouse has an extensive resume of individual features and group performances with the likes of Wyclef Jean, Mac Miller, Chance the Rapper and Buddy Guy. Described by its loyal fan base as “Portland’s rock band” the trio uses it’s diverse musical background to deliver a large selection of body shaking grooves wrapped in emotionally complex arrangements guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor.

Every performance gifts the audience with unforgettable moments that can only be envied by those who missed out. And with the release of their 2018 self-titled Bitches of the Sun EP they are proving to be a force of limitless growth and longevity.

~Hands up for the Bitches of the Sun~



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